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The Elektra Micro Casa a leva is a beautiful home espresso machine. But is it capable of making great coffee? Follow my pursuit of ultimate espresso coffee as I learn to use this exciting machine.

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Monday, March 7

Coffee time...

In the show window of the local coffee store

Yes, it is definitely coffee time.... I consider it hard work to wait for the new grinder and the Micro Casa to arrive. It takes a long time. I must say I regret selling my old Rancilio Rocky grinder too early. I was just happy to find a buyer. I haven't been able to make espresso with my la Valentina espresso machine since christmas! I keep up the spirit by going to the excellent local coffee bar, Dromedar (I will tell more about Dromedar in a later post).

I have focused on drip coffee after selling my espresso grinder. I roast at home, using my Imex CR 100 roaster. Roasting small batches for drip coffee allows me to have fresh coffee -always! For the last couple of months I've been drinking a lot more drip coffee than usual, and now I think that a fresh home roast is better than buying a week old beans that are professionally roasted. I don't know if a blind test would give the same result, because knowing that I roasted the beans myself gives me a very satisfactory feeling. And my friends love it! I do not roast for espresso with this roaster. More about my roaster in a later post.

I look forward to saturday. I'm going to Oslo to watch the norwegian barista championship. Not only will it be a lot of fun to watch the competition, but I look forward to meet the baristas, the trade people that I know and of course other friends. The winner will be qualified for the world barista championship in USA in april. Last summer I went to Trieste, Italy, and watched Tim Wendelboe from Norway become the world champion! Since then, I will always have fun watching the best baristas compete. I will give a report from the norwegian championship.

I hope I will receive the postal parcels soon, maybe before the weekend? :-)


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