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Tuesday, May 17

Coffee in Bergen

I´m finally back in business with my own computer and access to internet. I have bought an iBook G4 laptop computer. I´m very happy about my new purchase! It has taken a week to get started with the computer, but now everything is working fine. I´ve downloaded most of my records to the computer (patient work!), and with the music shuffling in the background I can sit here for hours. I´m not too fond of computers in general, but things are great now :-)

I have figured out how to post pictures again. As an exercise I will write about this weekends coffee drinking experiences in Bergen, the beautiful city that is located between seven mountains. The main reason for going there this weekend was to attend a wedding. But I had plenty of time to stroll around in the narrow streets.

I lived in Bergen in the year 2000, It was there I took a vivid interest in coffee. That happened as a consequence of my frequent visits to Dromedar between lectures. I was also given a mocca pot by HeatherLynn Welde, an american girl in the student house. I was in never-never land!

This weekend I knew pretty much where to go for the best coffee. Bergen is lucky to have several places which serve correctly made espresso. First, I went to have breakfast and cappuccino at the most obvious place for me, Dromedar.

Dromedar Originally uploaded by audunso.

The baristas at Dromedar are well educated and they usually have people qualified for the final round of the norwegian barista championship. Other branches are located in Trondheim (where it started in 1997) and Jessheim north of Oslo. I´ve always been a regular at Dromedar in Trondheim.

Another very exciting place is "Det Lille Kaffekompani", with their small, charming café between old, wooden houses near the cable car to the Fløien mountain. The baristas have tons of passion for coffee, and this café won the "coffee bar of the year award" in 1999 and 2002, if I remember correctly. Their coffee is roasted at Solberg&Hansen, like with most coffee bars in Norway. They use another blend than Half&Half (which Dromedar use), a stronger one -maybe the Barista blend? The barista that day was very secretive about their blend of choice.... I had excellent espresso and cappuccino there, and at a later visit I had drip coffee. Do you want a really BIG cup of coffee for a low price? Go to "Det Lille Kaffekompani"!

Det Lille Kaffekompani Originally uploaded by audunso.

Close to where I was accomodated, I found a café, "Kaffekunst" in the Marken street. They have a very italian profile, selling biscotti, calzone and other italian style food. I ordered an espresso and got a nicely prepared shot. Very clean taste! They use the Lavazza Crema&Aroma blend, and serve the coffee in Lavazza cups, too. I smiled for an hour, of course because of the taste but also because I felt like being back in italy after drinking a quick shot by the counter in such a place, located in such a moody street. Later, I came back for cappuccino and was disappointed to get dry foam and cinnamon without being asked. But all in all a nice experience, and I´m very forgiving if a café can serve good ESPRESSO, good food and have a nice atmosphere :-)

Kaffekunst Originally uploaded by audunso.

There´s one more café selling an italian espresso blend, the internet café at Galleriet shopping mall. And they are good! The Illy espresso they sell are prepared according to the rules and served in Illy cups. It is Friele, the old coffee company from Bergen, that import and sell Illy coffee in Norway. The baristas present the milk drinks with latte art and a big smile :-) I know they have been working hard educating the baristas ever since I lived in Bergen in 2000. Nice to see that they maintain the quality. And it´s impressive that an internet café take the effort of doing things well. Pretty rare.

Internet café at Galleriet Originally uploaded by audunso.

I think Bergen have a quiet nice selection of cafés. There might be other cafés that I haven´t been too. Anyone who knows about other good cafés in Bergen? What would be REALLY relevant to this blog, would be to track down lever espresso machines, but I know of no other machines than the one at Stockfleth´s in Oslo.


Blogger joakim said...

Nice! More mac users.. those computer's are a sweet thing to own and use. Got a powerbook myself! Just ask if you got any questions about anything.

I think I'll never buy a PC again, after living in a mac-world for about a year now. Everything is really smooth..

But you didn't went to the place were the best coffee is! "Barista", this new place a bit out of the downtown Bergen (but still very central) have lovely coffee, the best smoothies ever and good service. And, of course, at my place "En liten åpen kaffebar" inside my little loft in this student community building.

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A place called "Barista"? Cool! I´ve never heard of it, but I will check it out later this summer :-)

2:29 AM  
Blogger joakim said...


Check out the newspaper article (Norwegian):

It's a ten minute walk from the known "Torgallmenningen". Using S&H half & half espresso blend, though (a little fed up with that one now, but the smoothies are a history of it's own..)

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Thomas said...

Nice post! and pictures. I asked the barista at lille kaffekompaniet about their blend, and he told me it was a blend of "franskbrent" and "italienskbrent" (but isn't that half&half ?)

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Audun Sørbotten said...

The barista claimed that it was NOT half&half they were using. But I understand that they were checking out other blends constantly, among these the espresso from Stavanger Kaffebrenneri. But at the time they were most satisfied with the blend from S&H.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Seb said...

Nice description! and very nices pictures! Congratulations Audun; I remind of my months spent in Norway in 2000.

What about the Choco Boco in Trondheim?!!!

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Audun Sørbotten said...

Nice to get a comment from you, Seb! Yes, going to Bergen always reminds me of the perfect year 2000.

When it comes to coffee preparation, I think I´ll leave Choco Boco out of the picture. But as we both know -there may be other things about cafés that make them worth visiting :-)

10:40 AM  

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