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Friday, July 22

Moving to Oslo

Two weeks from today, friday the 5th, I will move to Oslo. I don´t have a job yet, but I have anyway decided to move to the capital (isn´t that what people without a job have always done? ☺). I will live close to the royal castle, that means I will have a very short distance to just about any café or concert scene in the city.

Oslo has coffee places like Stockfleth´s, Mocca and Kaffefuglen. I guess I will become a regular at the Stockfleth´s branch in Prinsens Gate(street), where they have the only commercial lever espresso machine that I know of in Norway, a Mirage Idocompresso Triplette. I´ve been there a few times, and I am taken by the style of that machine. I hope to write a report from Stockfleth´s Prinsens Gate one day.

I will also be close to the store where I bought my Elektra, actually my flat is located just 200 m from Cortado. My Mazzer Mini is bought at Temperato, which will be ten minutes walk away from my place.

So, coffeewise, going to Oslo will be just fine. Other motivations for going there is the job marked and the very nice location of the city. But most of all it is about doing something new, and to get closer to a few of my best friends.

I wonder what Thomas will think of my Elektra? He hasn´t seen it yet, but I know he´s interested :-)

I look forward to the 5th of August!


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