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The Elektra Micro Casa a leva is a beautiful home espresso machine. But is it capable of making great coffee? Follow my pursuit of ultimate espresso coffee as I learn to use this exciting machine.

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Monday, September 26

Lubricating the piston

It has been really hard to find and buy a food grease for lubricating the piston. But finally, I found a grease meant for lubricating the steam arm of professional espresso machines. This grease, Molycote White Grease, is also good for lubricating the piston group of my Elektra machine, as it is non-toxic and still viscous at high temperatures.

I took out the piston by removing the two hex bolts. I liked to see that the shower screen and the grouphead looked just fine from the inside as well. That means my cleaning routines are good enough (I have improved the portafilter wiggle since I last wrote about it: I turn off the machine, and after one minute it´s perfect to lower the lever and wiggle the portafilter with a blind filter membrane, since the water flow is now just perfect, and it will be just a minimum of mess. I do not do this daily, but rather now and then).

After greasing the piston it runs like when it was new. This gives a good "feel". Maybe it´s good for the coffee too, but I´m not sure if that can be noticed.