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The Elektra Micro Casa a leva is a beautiful home espresso machine. But is it capable of making great coffee? Follow my pursuit of ultimate espresso coffee as I learn to use this exciting machine.

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Monday, November 14

I have found a favourite blend


I have found my "house" espresso blend, the Tenore blend from Mocca coffee roastery in Oslo. It works very well with my Elektra. The shots have a classic taste, with sufficient crema and a nice mouthfeel. Some months ago I tried Mocca´s Crescendo blend, but the temperature was a bit off with my machine. My Elektra has a brew temperature that is pretty much fixed (no possibility of flushing like with most other machines). Which coffees that taste the best are therefore a bit coincidental, but very much a result of the roast degree. As my Elektra has a high brew temperature (factory setting of the boiler is 1.25 bar), I have found that a light roast works much better than a medium or dark espresso roast. But then again, some espresso blends can be quiet forgiving when it comes to temperature, so it´s all about trying many blends till you find a blend that works well. Last week I decided to try another of Mocca´s blends, the Tenore blend, and that was indeed very successful.

What I want at home is a blend that is good as both espresso and as a base for milk drinks. I want a blend that can produce much crema, because the Elektra produces less crema than machines with electric 9 bar pumps. I have tried other blends that meet these demands, for example the Ottolina Fortissima blend from Temperato, and espresso from Skien kaffebrenneri.

But the one thing that makes the Tenore blend absolutely perfect for me, is that I can buy just 250 grams or 500 grams, and in sealed bags with one-way valve as well! And the roast date is written on the bag. I usually wait four days after roasting before I open a bag. The blend is a bit expensive, but worth every cent. Mocca is just a five minute walk from where I live; a perfect local roastery and café :-)

At times I have been a bit tired from having to cope with a 1 kg bag of coffee. I live on my own and I don´t have visitors every day. It is easier for home baristas with big espresso drinking families. I sometimes feel that I should drink more espresso than I want to, just to get rid of all the coffee before it goes stale. Three shots a day with the Elektra is 3 x 12 grams + a little spill = ca. 40 grams. That is 25 days of coffee from the same 1 kg bag. So with the Tenore blend in a small bag, I can relax totally. I´m very happy now.

The freshness factor is very important to me. You should always support a local mini roastery if you can. The big advantage you get is to know when the coffee is roasted and then to know that you´re drinking coffee at the peak of its taste potential!!!