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The Elektra Micro Casa a leva is a beautiful home espresso machine. But is it capable of making great coffee? Follow my pursuit of ultimate espresso coffee as I learn to use this exciting machine.

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Wednesday, December 14

Reaching a comfort level

Elektra in black&white Originally uploaded by audunso.

I haven´t been as keen on checking out coffee websites or writing in the blog as I used to be. But tre truth is, coffeewise I´ve never been as content and happy as now. Generally, when you´re really, really into a hobby or an interest, it is the experiences that lift the level of what you do that are fun. I´ve had lots of these experiences since I became a home barista.

But my latest kick is to find a true comfort level. Because I´m not saying that my coffee can´t be better or that I serve the best coffee in town -that would be very wrong to say indeed! But my coffee is really good now; I enjoy it every day, and I have a good feeling when I serve guests. I´ve known all the time that good espresso can be brewed on the Elektra. Now I have come to be satisfied with the coffee every day.

Getting comfortable with the machine took me a few months, and when I was in this process I got my latte art skills to an OK level (thanks to Elektra´s excellent froathing abilities). But it is after I discovered a coffee that will always work perfectly with the machine, and that can be bought freshly roasted and in small bags at a nearby café, that I discovered that now I´m just....happy :-) Things are on track.

Finding a good-working coffee isn´t the end of the story, of course. I will definitely try other blends in the future. That is one of the BIG benefits of brewing espresso at home!

In january I will move into a new apartment in Oslo. When I get there, I will bring my other machine, the la Valentina (a heat-exchanger machine). I look forward to that. And at that time I will definitely do more experimentation with coffee blends. The Elektra, on the other hand, has never made me want to experiment, because you don´t have more than two, maximum three, shots till the machine is overheated. And it´s not that fun to not have at least one good shot per session!

So maybe that is why I´m just happy about finding a comfort level with the Elektra :-)